South Korean military receives newest machine guns

South Korean military receives newest machine guns

The South Korean military has received the first of its new K15 machine guns developed by a domestic defense company.

20221216UNTHDC 1068x713 1According to a press release from SNT Motiv, it held a ‘K15 machine gun system launching ceremony’ at the Busan headquarters on Dec. 16, 2022.

The new machine gun will replace ageing Daewoo K3 machine guns that the South Korean Army has used over the past 30 years.

The K15 machine gun can fire up to 1,000 rounds per minute with an effective range of 800 m.

Unlike the K3, the new K15 machine gun is integrated with day and night sighting devices, so it can suppress regional targets such as long-distance enemy concentration units. It is chambered in 5.56mm and paired with the Hanwha Systems PAS-18K thermal sight. In addition, accuracy, reliability and operating convenience have been improved. Picatinny rails are installed to use various accessories. The butt and bipod can be freely adjusted according to the physique of the soldiers.

A K15 machine gun weighs 7,1 kg and 8,4 kg when paired with a PAS-18K sight.


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