Türkiye’s future trainer jet conducts first flight

by Zaur Babashov | Tuesday, Apr 25, 2023 | 449 views

Turkish Aerospace Industries on Apr. 25 conducted the first flight test of its basic trainer and light-assault aircraft, known as the Hürjet.

Hürjet is the first manned jet-powered aircraft in Turkish history. It successfully completed its first flight in the morning on Tuesday.

TAI launched the Hurjet program in 2018 to replace the aging fleet of T-38 trainers.

The light combat aircraft has a length of 13.6 meters, a wingspan of 9.5 meters, a height of 5.1 meters, and a wing area of ​​35 square meters.

Recently, the Defense Industry Executive Committee decided to place the first Hurjet order for the Turkish Air Force Command. The Hürjet Project, which was initiated with TAI’s own resources, thus took on the armor of the state.

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