BAE Systems’ AMPV tracked vehicle makes its international debut

BAE Systems’ AMPV tracked vehicle makes its international debut

BAE Systems showcased its new AMPV tracked vehicle, built on a Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle chassis, for the first time amid an international crowd at the UK Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) event.F5xEP1tXQAAkqjS 1068x780 1

As the foundation of the future for the U.S. Army, the AMPV (Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle) provides significant improvements in power, mobility, interoperability, and survivability. Now approved for full-rate production, the AMPV family of vehicles (FoV) was created to address the needs of Soldiers on the modern battlefield.

“The AMPV is well-suited for today’s combat operations in Europe and globally,” said Bill Sheehy, AMPV director for BAE Systems. “Even more remarkable is the vehicle’s versatility to adapt as technology continues to evolve and battlefields change. The AMPV is a foundational platform for combat vehicle modernization, and its capacity for growth will provide warfighters the greatest opportunity to accomplish their difficult missions in the most demanding environments.”

The AMPV platform was engineered to be flexible, versatile, and agile. The five variants currently in production provide enhanced survivability and performance over the legacy M113 family of vehicles while incorporating inbound network and other future technologies. The platform also maintains commonality with the AMPV FoV and the Armored Brigade Combat Team to minimize operating costs and logistic burdens as capability needs evolve.

The General Purpose AMPV transports two crew members and six passengers. It is armed with a 50-cal crew-served weapon and carry one injured Soldier on a litter.

The Mortar variant uses a crew of two with two Mortar technicians and an ability to fire 120mm rounds; the Medical variant carries a crew of three and six walking passengers.

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