Ecuador Conducts Field Maneuvers with MDT David VBL 4×4 Light Armored Vehicles

Ecuador Conducts Field Maneuvers with MDT David VBL 4×4 Light Armored Vehicles

In the tense context of the internal armed conflict, Ecuador is taking significant measures to strengthen its national security by training crews to operate its new fleet of MDT-Armor David VBL 4×4 armored vehicles. Specialized courses are currently being provided at the Military School, marking a crucial step in the General Teaching Plan aimed at preparing personnel for effective and strategic field deployments.

Since acquiring these armored vehicles, Ecuador has received 45 units as part of a total order of 137 vehicles, costing a total of $67,284,313. These robust vehicles, based on the chassis of the Toyota Land Cruiser 79 4×4 MT and weighing 4.5 tons, are designed to transport up to eight passengers. Their design includes side and rear exits, a turret for the use of Browning M2A2 QCB COAX 12.7×99 mm caliber machine guns, and are equipped with Stanag-II type ballistic protection.

The David VBLs are not only war machines but also advanced technological hubs, equipped with a software-defined mobile radio network solution E-LynX, and battle management systems, thus ensuring flawless communication and coordination between units.

The introduction of these armored vehicles into anti-terrorist operations is a welcome development for the Ecuadorian army, as it not only increases the security of forces on the ground but also that of the civilian population against the persistent threats of violence.

This deployment represents an ambitious and strategic effort by Ecuador to maintain peace and security within its borders. The investment in these modern armored vehicles and the intensive training of their personnel illustrate the country’s commitment to defending its sovereignty and protecting its citizens against terrorism and internal conflicts.

The David light armored vehicle, designed by MDT, is an economical and effective solution for operations in varied terrains. Based on robust commercial chassis such as the Toyota Land Cruiser, Hilux, or Land Rover Defender, the David is suitable for a wide range of military missions thanks to its modular structure and enhanced protection. This vehicle can accommodate four to eight crew members depending on the desired configuration, thus offering great flexibility for the specific needs of each mission.

The “David” light armored vehicle is an ultra-light, survivable, cost-effective, combat-proven solution that can accommodate four, six, or eight crew members. It is based on the components of a Toyota pickup, which gives it great versatility as well as effective protection while optimizing lifecycle costs. The “David” has a robust armored capsule used by hundreds of IDF units, providing protection up to STANAG II level.

The total allowable weight of the vehicle can reach 4.5 tons. Dimensions include a wheelbase of 3085 mm, an overall length varying between 4870 mm and 5040 mm depending on the version, a width of 1970 mm, and a height of 2230 mm. The ground clearance is 225 mm, allowing excellent maneuverability in varied terrain. The approach and departure angles are 46° and 30°, respectively, optimizing the vehicle’s ability to overcome obstacles.

The “David” is equipped with an engine producing 148 horsepower and 408 Nm of torque. It offers manual or automatic transmission options and is equipped with three doors. Options include a roof hatch, and the vehicle can be equipped with air conditioning at the front and rear. The rear seat configuration can vary, allowing for forward-facing or face-to-face arrangements, depending on operational needs.

MDT Armor, based in Auburn, Alabama, offers armored vehicles for military, law enforcement, and civilian applications worldwide, armoring commercial vehicles up to various protection levels, including NIJ Level IV, STANAG Level 3, and CEN B7. MDT adapts to the specific needs of each client in terms of armor level, passenger capacity, and optional equipment.


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