US Army receives first fielded quadcopters

US Army receives first fielded quadcopters

The US Army’s Project Management Office for Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (PM UAS) has successfully delivered and completed new equipment training for the Short Range Reconnaissance (SRR) system to the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division.

According to a press release, this initiative is part of the Army’s ongoing efforts to enhance operational effectiveness by equipping forces with the latest uncrewed aircraft technology.

“The ability to quickly deliver UAS and add new capabilities onto these systems at the rate of technology is essential to ensure our units have the operational advantage on the battlefield,” said COL Danielle Medaglia, Project Manager for Uncrewed Aircraft Systems.

Uncrewed technologies are advancing rapidly, transforming battlefield dynamics. The Army’s UAS Project Office remains committed to its mission, ensuring units receive cutting-edge UAS technology to support the Army’s broader transformation objectives. The Small Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (SUAS) Product Office led the training for the 101st Soldiers, providing continuous support and expertise throughout the fielding process.

SRR systems offer modernized capabilities to Soldiers at the platoon level, acting as a force multiplier and enhancing Soldier survivability. Equipped with advanced sensors, SRR provides real-time reconnaissance, security, and target acquisition capabilities. These systems deliver timely data to commanders, enabling swift and informed decision-making. Additionally, the UAS enhance operational flexibility and agility on the battlefield by improving threat detection, identifying safe routes, and minimizing exposure to hazards.

Reflecting on the significance of this milestone, a 101st Platoon Sergeant said, “I am grateful to have the SRR UAS systems, to start employing them. This is the first SUAS system we get to utilize for both training and deployment.”

SRR is the Army’s first fielded quadcopter and will be integrated across the Army with appropriate training, doctrine, and sustainment support. The SUAS Product Office will complete the fielding of the SRR Tranche 1 system this year. Fielding of the SRR Tranche 2 system will feature improved autonomy, a new controller, and a modular open systems approach, allowing for the rapid integration of new technologies and capabilities as uncrewed aircraft systems continue to evolve.

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