Nurol Makina showcases four variants of Ejder Kunter 4×4 special-purpose vehicle in Romania

Nurol Makina showcases four variants of Ejder Kunter 4×4 special-purpose vehicle in Romania

At the BSDA 2024 exhibition in Bucharest, Romania, the Turkish company Nurol Makina showcased the latest version of the Ejder Kunter 4×4 special-purpose vehicle, which was first introduced at the International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF) in May 2015. The Ejder Kunter was displayed as a single vehicle demonstrating its capability to be configured as an ambulance, command and control vehicle, prisoner transport vehicle, and personnel carrier simultaneously.

These configurations highlight the Ejder Kunter’s adaptability and advanced features, providing Nurol Makina with an opportunity to demonstrate the vehicle’s capabilities and explore new business opportunities in the defense sector. This builds on recent export successes, including sales to Qatar, Estonia, and Nigeria.

The Ejder Kunter 4×4, developed by Nurol Makina, is designed for military and internal security applications. It features a fully independent suspension system that allows it to operate effectively in both rural and urban terrains. The vehicle has an indigenous chassis that can be customized to meet specific operational needs, providing a platform for integrating various mission-specific equipment. It includes a high ballistic protection cabin and can accommodate up to 14 personnel.

The vehicle’s mobility features include a full independent suspension system, lockable latitudinal and longitudinal differential locks, and large diameter tires with a wide tread area. It can function in temperatures ranging from -32°C to +55°C. The Ejder Kunter has high approach and departure angles, fording capabilities up to 0.9 meters, obstacle climbing ability up to 0.9 meters, and can handle gradients and side slopes of 30%.

For safety and protection, the Ejder Kunter is equipped with a high ballistic protection cabin, fire suppression systems for the tires and engine compartment, and an explosion suppression system in the cabin. It also includes hydraulic power-assisted steering and adjustable ergonomic seats for the driver and operators. An engine preheating system is included for reliable start-up in cold conditions.

Optional features available for the Ejder Kunter include advanced electro-optical camera and mast systems, a 360-degree driver vision enhancement system, intercom, and long-range acoustic devices. It can also be equipped with command control and computer systems, tactical ground inertial navigation systems, jammer systems, and additional equipment such as a siren and announcement system, CBRN protection (pressure type), a laser warning system, and a hydraulic bulldozer. These features enable the vehicle to be used in a wide range of military and security operations.

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