Rheinmetall Enhances European Nation’s Air Defense with 35mm AHEAD Munitions Contract

Rheinmetall Enhances European Nation’s Air Defense with 35mm AHEAD Munitions Contract

On May 27, 2024, Rheinmetall announced that it had received a significant order from a European country for the supply of 35mm AHEAD munitions, intended for the Skynex air defense system. The total value of this order is in the low three-digit million-euro range. In total, a six-figure number of cartridges will be produced, thereby enhancing the client country’s armed forces’ protection capabilities against aerial threats.

This new order once again confirms Rheinmetall’s technological leadership in the development and production of highly effective munitions for air defense in Europe. The Skynex system, based on cannon-based anti-aircraft defense, is particularly suited for short-range protection where guided missiles may not be effective.

Skynex uses 35mm programmable AHEAD munitions, specifically developed by Rheinmetall. These munitions offer several advantages over guided missile systems. They are significantly less expensive and have increased resilience against electronic countermeasures. Once fired, it is impossible to influence or divert these munitions using electronic countermeasures, thus ensuring reliable and effective protection.

The choice of the Skynex system and AHEAD munitions by the European client highlights the growing importance of short-range air defense systems in the current context of aerial threats. Rheinmetall continues to demonstrate its expertise and innovation in this crucial area, providing advanced and reliable defense solutions for its international partners.

Additionally, the Oerlikon 35mm Revolver Gun Mk3 used with the Skynex air defense system has an effective range of 4,000 meters and a rate of fire of 1,000 rounds per minute. The gun module is equipped with an X-Band tracking radar that allows an autonomous sector search function, making target designation simple, fast, and reliable. Tracking and engagement are calculated and executed automatically by the integrated fire control processor. The target designation and engagement are overseen and checked by the Oerlikon Skymaster Command & Control System, which can be remotely controlled from another position.

The Oerlikon Skymaster® is a versatile command and control (C2) solution for different levels of command that significantly enhances ground-based air defense operational capabilities. Its main operational benefits include the display of a common comprehensive air picture based on all available information sources, effective real-time threat evaluation and smart weapon assignment algorithms, coordination of heterogeneous weapon systems, and fire control in flexible system architecture.

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