Ukroboronprom recovery vehicle “Atlet” is put into serial production

Ukroboronprom recovery vehicle “Atlet” is put into serial production

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UKROBORONPROM State Enterprise SE “Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau” launched armored recovery and repair vehicles (BREM) “Atlet” into serial production.

The armored recovery and repair vehicle was designed by Kharkiv-Morozov Design Bureau specialists to conduct evacuation operations and repair works in the field conditions.

“Atlet” is equipped with a crane unit with a carrying capacity of up to 25 tons, allowing to replace the main nodes and components of the tank, including the turret and the engine. For evacuation purposes, “Atlet” is equipped with a winch: maximum gravity load is up to 250 kN – enough to take out the main battle tank. Special equipment allows “Atlet” to tow combat equipment with towing speed of up to 25 km / h.

A 1,000 HP engine allows to speed 46 tons “Atlet” up to 70 km / h. In addition, BREM can carry up to 1.5 tons load. It is equipped with a welding machine and other equipment, allowing to carry out a wide range of works on restoring combat capability of armored vehicles in the field conditions.

This combat vehicle will considerably enhance technical capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, ensuring a proper level of combat readiness of the tank units. In addition, BREM “Atlet” has a large export potential that will allow loading Kharkiv-Morozov Design Bureau production capacity, after the State Defense Order is fulfilled.

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