BUTA ARMOR started manufacturing armored vests

BUTA ARMOR started manufacturing armored vests

Buta Armor LLC, receiving special permission from the Azerbaijani Government for the production of armored vests, helmets and accessories for them in November 2018, has started production of its first products since December. Armored vests of “Buta Armor” LLC, with 100% private investment are manufactured on the basis of the technology of Mars Armor, well-known Bulgarian company.

MRS9308According to Ramil Ahmadov, the founder and general director of the company, enterprise is able to produce about 30,000 armored vests and 25,000 helmets per year.

Armored vests provide protection from 9×18 pistol bullets to 7.62×54 mm machine guns and sniper rifles, as well as protection against shrapnel 450-850 m / sec speed.

Saying that the armored vests and helmets have been tested with the army and power structures, R. Ahmadov noted the results are positive. In recent months, in the joint trainings with the State Border Service, Special State Protection Service and relevant bodies of the Ministry of Defense, armored vests have been shot with 9×18, 9×9 mm steel head pistol bosses (TT, Glock, Zafar-K pistols, Sig Sauer, with a 5.74×39 and 7.62×39 mm steel-bodied cartridges, Kalashnikov rifles, 7.62×51 mm (Accuracy International) and 7.62×54 mm (SVD) cartridges with sniper rifles, 7.62×54 mm gunfire with cartridges Kalashnikov machine gun: “The results of testing our armored vests that meet the high protection requirements at 4+ have been approved by the relevant acts and by the signatures of the representatives of the tribal structures, managers. All that we can be considered success without exception”.

According to the company head, the armored vests of Buta Armors have confirmed their level of protection not only with the category of bullets, but with other additional terms. None of the thrown bullets deviated and all the bullets remained on the armor boards. During the tests, the helmets were shot with TT, Glock and Zafer pistols and cartridges of Sig Sauer pistols with 9×18 and 9×19 mm caliber steel cartridges. Bullets were shot at near and far distances (10-35 m) and no inflatable switches were recorded on the helmets.

According to R. Ahmadov, Buta armors have 3 main features. The first of these is comfort, ergonomic design and light weight, the second major feature is the high level of protection, and the third is lower than the market comparisons. The head of the company noted that the products of Buta Armor were exported to the Azerbaijani Army and power structures along with the export to abroad.


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