Rheinmetall Australia unveils Lynx KF41 CSV Combat Support Vehicle

Rheinmetall Australia unveils Lynx KF41 CSV Combat Support Vehicle

As reported by Australian Defence, on October 18 in Brisbane, Rheinmetall unveiled the Lynx Combat Support Vehicle (CSV) at an event at the organisation’s Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence (MILVEHCOE) in Redbank, Queensland.

Rheinmetall Managing Director, Gary Stewart, said that the Lynx CSV is the ‘most sophisticated and capable armoured vehicle ever to be designed and built in Australia’, and based on a version of the Lynx KF41 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV).

Australia Made Campaign Limited (AMCL) has bestowed the Made in Australia endorsement upon Rheinmetall and the Lynx Combat Support Vehicle. Stewart said: “With the CSV, soldiers can perform recovery, repair, maneuver support and support logistics using a vehicle with similarities to the existing Lynx IFV.”

Stewart said the Lynx CSV featured additional onboard fuel capacity to support refuelling other vehicles in the field; a rooftop-mounted crane capable of lifting more than 5 tonnes, allowing it to pull other vehicles utilising the crane; an interchangeable power pack; and excavation attachments including a clamshell bucket and rock breaker. The modular remote weapon station can be configured with a range of weapons and ammunition from 7.62mm, 12.7mm up to 40mm grenade. “The Lynx CSV will be positioned for export from Australia to allied armed forces”, Stewart added.

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